Brandon O'Neal
Amy Konieczka
Amanda Ratcliff

Allowing passion to drive him, Brandon lives intentionally and with purpose, moving forward by molding his craft and perfecting his skill set. There's a certain fit and finish required before it's allowed to be branded with his logo - and that is a quintessential part of the formula that is Brandon O'Neal Photography.

After working with Brandon, you will leave feeling like the most beautiful bride and most handsome groom in the world.  With his helpful demonstrations and kind smile you will feel at ease, even if you don't like being photographed!  Oh and here's a tip, if you're debating on wedding favors, go with the pralines, they're Brandon's favorite :)

From Brandon:

Wedding days are my favorite days. The sense of story and emotion in the air can't be replaced. Seeing two families come together, the nervousness, the shaky hands, the smiles, and the tears all lend themselves to a beautiful deep love story that's unfolding in front of my camera - and it's incredible to watch. I'm romantic in my belief that weddings should be about the bride and groom, that the experience comes before all else. It's with that philosophy that I approach wedding days, making sure to document the day with a certain finesse that doesn't interfere with the story.

Attracting brides that fall in love with the images that I shoot is my ultimate goal. Documenting wedding day happens much more naturally when I can shoot images that I love, knowing that the bride and groom will love them as well.

Photography has been a part of Amy's family for generations, her grandfather was a film photographer and now she's been given the gift of creativity. Amy is known most for her infectious laughter and smile, you truly can’t help but be yourself and totally at ease when working with her. She is addicted to all things frilly, Instagram, and anything with bows on it!

Amy has been a part of the wedding industry for years. She has helped fit brides for their perfect dream dress, planned and organized wedding celebrations at some of the top venues throughout the state. Amy works hard to help every bride through the planning process, from portrait sessions to wedding day - all the while inspiring you with her giddy attitude. In any given conversation with Amy, you might just leave feeling like you had a conversation with a little ray of sunshine… or maybe a nice cup of coffee!

From Amy:

It's been ten years since I walked down the aisle, and I still remember very clearly the emotions, love, and energy of my wedding day. When working with a bride, I want to preserve all of those memories from her special day.

Wedding days are magical. No matter how many weddings I am exposed to each year, it still feels the same each time. Nervousness and excitement fill the air, passion is overflowing from the bride and groom, and there are always surprises around every corner!

Dedicated and hardworking are two words to describe Amanda Blythe. She brings laughter, sparkle, and professionalism to every session. You can witness Amanda's passion through her lens and her love for photography is evident. She's a pleasure to work with and at the end of your session you'll call her a friend.

Amanda will do whatever she can to make sure her couples's wedding days are as special as possible. She wants to know all about your bridesmaids and groomsmen, how long it took you to pick out your dress, and the story behind the heirloom jewelry your grandmother gave you for the wedding. Reviewing notes from past meetings and conversations, she enters wedding day with a personal knowledge that enables her to shoot the wedding day with an intimate compassion and understanding for couple and their families.

From Amanda:

My absolute favorite part of the day is when a bride and groom see one another for the very first time. Her flowing gown and perfume and his sleek suit and tie all squared away. The moment he sees his bride... time stands still - and I get to capture that. Sweet whispers are exchanged, and nervous laughter is washed away with a few tears. It's beautiful to see and incredible to capture.

The future holds so much for the new couples we see come together on Saturdays. As it's said - to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been. Documenting the beginnings of these new love stories give the couple a beautiful reminder of how it did begin.